29 Dec 2014

MBIQ Detects CT NY NJ MA NH PA VT RI ONT QC Green Meteor 29DEC2014

MBIQ Detects CT NY NJ MA NH PA VT RI ONT QC Green Meteor Apprx. 1835 EST 29DEC2014
61 Reports! - 8 US States / 2 Canadian Provinces
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CT NY NJ MA NH PA VT RI ONT QC Green Meteor Apprx. 1835 EST 29DEC2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
29DEC2014 Shaun Barre vt usa 18:38:00 2 seconds North Flaming with a long sparking trail Extreme Yes Bright

29DEC2014 David Parkes Commack, NY USA 18:35 EST <1 Facing N - left to right white sparking flash moon yes White sparking flash

29DEC2014 Rowena Goodhue Boscawen, NH 18:30:00 15sec West Yellow Orange long bright tail Same as Sun no and no sound Fantastic - seemed so low in the sky I thought for sure it would land in the swamp

29DEC2014 Iaintcrazy Montreal, Quebec, canada 18:38:00 17 seconds Ouest Bluish Flame Venus no None

29DEC2014 Michael Pepin Ledyard, CT, USA 1838 EST abt. 10 sec facing
N; travel E-W; start straight up-stop abt. 20 deg above horiz bluish head /w long yellowish tail much brighter than the moon; brightest thing in the sky tail was fragmented maybe space debris entering atmosphere?

29DEC2014 Lauren Berlin, NH USA 6:30 PM EST About 10 seconds South east moving downtowards the ground. Silent, bright white and green Extremely bright, like a firework None Another neighbor saw it at the same time

29DEC2014 Neale Van Fleet Cardinal Ontario Canada 18:40:00 Lasted approximately 5 seconds. Fire ball was due south over the U.S. moving from East to West. Mainly greenish blue with yellow edges and tail. As bright as a Roman Candle. No parts falling off were visible. No Photo

29DEC2014 Mike Wiley US Fort Washington PA 18:15:00 20-30 seconds R to L heading West I believe Yellow white &Red Brighter than moon almost bright as sun No Seemed close by the size until it went dark

29DEC2014 Matt Hallahan Merrimac, MA 6:30 PM EST I saw the tail end, about 5 seconds North to South Blueish green color, then large smoke trail Very bright then burned out No No sound, but left a long smoke trail

29DEC2014 SS Ottawa, Ontario Canada 18:45 PM 5 sec? Left to right
towards Fort Coulonge QC Blue, green with sparkle-type trails Like a star Did not notice Nil
29DEC2014 Andrew Ottawa Navan, Ontario, Canada 18:35:00 3-4secs N -> S green/ n/a moon? yes, spinning mass disintegrated clearly slow and low

29DEC2014 art pallen Ottawa ( Carp) ON.CA. 1832 Eastern 5 - 10 in 2 parts E-W Bright White then Yellowish 2 Explosions first 1 small then tail then second Explosion resulting in Disintigration firts white ball bigger and much btighter than Jupiter Clear Fragmentation on second Explosion This was a good sighting A small version of Chelubinzk

29DEC2014 jim brick,nj 6:30:00 2 secs north fire red converted to blue sun no no photos

29DEC2014 Elaine Nepean, Ottawa Canada 7pm Eastern Only saw it for about 5 sec Driving on 416 south. It was on our left Light green Moon brightness Dissolved around the tree line Not sure what we saw but it was cool

29DEC2014 Kevin Noonan Queens, ny 7 pm eastern time 5 seconds North to south Low in the sky. Traveled across the pkwy while I was driving east. Looked like a flare except it did not last for more than a few seconds. Looked like a firework but moved horizontally and not a crisp as a professional firework. No A flame with a trail

29DEC2014 Patricia Kidd RTE 81 between Clinton and Killingworth Connecicut 18:45:00 probably 5 seconds E to W left to right, I was driving north Green ball with tail Extremely bright like sun, seemed low. saw tail, went by too quick Coolest thing ever, was driving couldn't have taken a pic as it went by very fast

29DEC2014 John Dzubinski Warminster, Bucks Cty, PA, USA approx. 1845/EST 5-10 seconds in the North sky, traveling west Green Brightness of moon, yes with fragmentation n/a

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