15 Mar 2017

MBIQ Detects Pakistan Bolide? Event 15MAR2017 w/video

MBIQ Detects Pakistan Bolide? Event 15MAR2017 w/ video

MeteorBotInternetQuery (MBIQ) Bot has detected a large event in Pakistan.  It is unknown at this time if it was in fact a bolide (meteor) or a rocket body re-entry or other.  Sonics were reported and MBIQ bot detected numerous locations in Pakistan with queries.

Pakistan Bolide Meteor 15MAR2017 w/ sonics
“Meteor” crossing over parts of Gilgit-Baltistan spreads fear and panic- Sonics and Fragmentation were reported on Pakistan Defence.  METEORITES ON THE GROUND!

MeteorRATs Alert! Scramble.
Updates coming...

initial flash of bolide lighting the sky
Source- ARY TV screen capture

fragmentation of the meteoroid with fragments trailing
Source- ARY TV screen capture

Meteor falls in Gilgit-Baltistan
Posted to YouTube by ARY News 73 views
Partial Sample DATASET-

16 Mar 05:40:56 JST
Peshawar,NorthWest Frontier,
Pakistan / en-usCmpak Limited(
16 Mar 04:33:29 JST
Pakistan / en-us Ptcl (
16 Mar 01:57:19 JST
Pakistan / en-us Ptcl (

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