1 Jun 2014

MBIQ Detects Texas Meteor 31MAY2014

MBIQ Detects Texas Meteor 31MAY2014

Seeking More Information And Videos!!!
Report your meteor sightings please

Please help get the word about this event so that we might recover security camera video or cell phone captures; spread the word about this website via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, GLP, SOTT and your favorite forums; contact your local news outlets; thank you!

Initial Meteor Report-
31MAY2014 Ginger Friendswood, TX 2100 CST PM 2-3 seconds I was facing south; it went straight down green / white moon not that i saw very large compared to shooting star

Megan wrote "I was over in the Westchase, TX area and saw it while heading south!"
Laydin Michaels wrote. "I saw it! Southeast of downtown. East of 288. Bright and beautiful! Greenish tint. "

MBIQ Data Set-
Friendswood, Texas arrived from bing.com on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: Breaking News- Houston, Texas / Lousiana Meteor with Fragmentation 7SEP2011" by searching for meterote 5/31/14 fell in friendswood tx.
11:15:53 -- 6 minutes ago

Conroe, Texas arrived from us.yhs4.search.yahoo.com on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News" by searching for Did anyone see a comet or meteor fall in the eastern sky near Houston, Texas tonite 31May 2014?.
11:54:47 -- 7 minutes ago

All meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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