15 May 2014

MBIQ Detects - Queensland Australia Meteor 15MAY2014

MBIQ Detects - Queensland, Australia Meteor Approx. 1850 AEST 15MAY2014
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Queensland, Australia Meteor Approx. 1850 AEST 15MAY2014
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Initial Meteor Reports-
15MAY2014 Andrew Brown Jensen 18:50 Brisbane Australia Time Just seconds, very quick. Australia Bright green colour then big flash Brighter than the moon as it is tonight One main piece and smaller pieces Travelling from South South East of Stocklands Townsville to South West over the Dam

15MAY2014 Wade Stephenson Blackwater Qld Australia 18:50pm est 5sec west maybe north west. seemed to fall towards the ground started as white then looked green with a bit of orange then when it went out of view below the tree line there was a massive blue flash that lit up the sky for a split second. didnt hear anything blueflash lit up like a welding flash or very large lightning strike not too sure. was heading west from blackwater observed what looked like a firework that hadnt gone off or a flare falling from the sky.it looked like it was very very close then when it went out of view below the tree line their was a massive very bright blue flash that seemed to light up the sky for a split second

15MAY2014 Matthew Manser Townsville, Qld, Australia 18.52 +10 1sec Australia Saw a green tail with red ball Same colour as the green traffic signal light no fragments soon after it moved out of sight I saw a flash of light

15MAY2014 Graeme cross Townsville, Queensland, Australia 1850 aest pm 3 seconds I was facing south west it came in at 45 degrees left to right I saw a huge blue glowing ball with a tail and a big orange glow after it passed behind hills as if it had crashed very bright like magnesium burning no it appeared it crashed to earth sw of townsville

15MAY2014 kim Vuga Townsville, Queensland, Australia 18:30:00 Just caught my eye for 4 seconds west seen huge fireball large tail like the one in Russia seemed to have impacted the earth lit up the sky a 2nd time when hit like an atomic bomb effect. white orange and huge ball on fire had lage tail of fire many people in Townsville witnessed the same I believe it came down in Kelso to the right of Ross River Dam

All Sighting Reports Here-

MBIQ Data Set-
Landsborough, Queensland arrived from bing.com on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: NSW / Queensland, Australia. Meteor 20NOV2011" by searching for meteorite qld.
19:09:15 -- 9 minutes ago

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