26 Nov 2013

MBIQ Detects Canada Fireball Meteor 26NOV2013

MBIQ Detects Quebec, Canada Fireball Meteor 26NOV2013

Report your meteor sightings please-

This appears at this tiem to have been a very large event based upon the MBIQ Bot Data Set that was Sampled in minutes after the event.  I will have the data available posted soon once I have time to get the other confirmations;  thank you.  - Dirk Ross...Tokyo

Important tl get this information out via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and your favorite forums.
Please check your local cameras in Quebec for All Sky captures and security cameras as well;  thank you! If photos or videos were captured please kindly email to 

Initial Meteor Sighting Report-
26NOV2013 Johanne Ile-Bizard, Quebec 19h50 rumble was 2 seconds long West side of the house- did not see it- was inside at the time Heard a rumble was inside the house - know air traffic controllers - pilots saw a bright light in the sky was inside the house - did not see where it hit sorry - just my dog that growled

MBIQ Sampled Data Set-
Montreal, Quebec arrived from google.ca on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: Meteor Alert! - Large Meteor Outburst Was Possible Now Near CERTAIN 20NOV2013-01DEC2013" by searching fornovember 26 meteor.
11:48:00 -- 24 seconds ago

Lasalle, Quebec arrived from google.ca on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: MBIQ Detects California Meteor 26NOV2013" by searching for meteorite nov.26 2013.
11:47:50 -- 34 seconds ago

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