19 Aug 2013

MBIQ Detects MD VA Meteor 18AUG2013

MBIQ Detects MD VA Meteor 23"00 EDT 18AUG2013
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 MD VA Meteor 18AUG2013
v1 c2013 LunarMeteoriteHunter / Google Earth
If you witnessed a meteor event PLEASE file a meteor sighting report to help us confirm and improve our detection; thank you!

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
19AUG2013 Neil Myler Boonesboro, Maryland, USA 2330 EST 6 sec Came straight down Green moon no big and irregular shaped. Bright Geen.

19AUG2013 Michele Etherton Easton, MD About 11:30 pm, EST 5 to 6 seconds Route 50, from north to south blue and green moon no spiralled slightly

19AUG2013 Lynn Norfolk, Va USA 11:30 EST 3/4 seconds E-W bright white Venus yes, had a long tail covered about 50% arc of sky

MBIQ Sample Data Set-
Laurel, Maryland arrived from google.com on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News" by searching fortonight around 11:28pm august 19, 2013 i saw something falling from the sky.
13:51:40 -- 18 minutes ago

Virginia Beach, Virginia arrived from google.com on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News" by searching for meteorite in virginia beach, 08/19/13.
13:50:06 -- 19 minutes ago

All Meteor Sighting Reports Can Be Seen HERE-

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